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93 chevy silverado..... no spark?

I have read some of the responses here, and have replaced the ignition module, the coil, plugs, wires.

I purchased a pick-up coil, but how do i change it??? I can't get the old one out, to put the new one in!!

I hope I don't have to remove the distributor!

any help is appreciated

93 chevy silverado..... no spark?
You do have to pull the distributor,remove the drive gear and pull it apart.The wire breaking on the pick up coil is a common problem.Be brave,its not that bad!93 chevy silverado..... no spark?
You might want to check the wiring from the ignition switch to the coil and the other wires involved. It sounds like its not getting power to the coil or its not grounded well or at all.

Ok all you armchair mechanics: How do I solve this problem?

Autozone put the code reader on my 2002 Chevy S-10,four cylinder. ( I have the E85 flex fuel motor). My engine light is on. The code 303 came up saying I have a misfire in cylinder 3 and the 4 most probable causes are: a) Ignition system(I had the plugs and wires changed but nothing else such as the coil.

b)vacuum leak

c) fuel injection fault

d) Too high (or low) fuel pressure

So what is the easiest (and least expensive)way of checking each of these out? I honestly do not know how to test any of these possible problems. Thanks for any help you can give me!Ok all you armchair mechanics: How do I solve this problem?
i don't know but my mom had almost the same problem and she changed her gas cap and the check engine light went offOk all you armchair mechanics: How do I solve this problem?
use a propane torch to check for a vacuum leak. do not light it just open the valve and move it around near your lines, if there is a vacuum leak the engine will rev upOk all you armchair mechanics: How do I solve this problem?
there is no easy way to test an injector or fuel pressure without pressure gauges and proper tools. If you have no idea how to test them (by posting this you obviously dont) then take it to a certified shop to prevent damage and/or fire. You can always test fuel pressure by pressing in the test port and seeing how far the fuel shoots out. If it just dribbles out then you have low pressure. If it shoots out a couple feet then you have good pressure.

ASE master certified techOk all you armchair mechanics: How do I solve this problem?
does your truck have a distributor and rotor? have you tried using a quality injector cleaner in your gas? have you had the fuel filter changed? have you checked the battery connections for corrosion? the on-board computer wigs out if the voltage drops due to dirty battery terminalsOk all you armchair mechanics: How do I solve this problem?
as i sit back in my rocker, i seem to notice another disgruntled chevy owner, there are millions of themOk all you armchair mechanics: How do I solve this problem?
if its manual trans the engine control module is bad and after the dealer installs the new one it will get a code to relearn crank shaft then the new emc will fail then they will replace it with a good one after they waste your time there was a recall on the 4 cylinder manual trans but if its not that then see if you can change coils around to see if missfire changes cylinders if it has 2 dual coils. if not you can jumper the module to the wires of the coils to switch and see if that and i dont remember if that has 2 plugs per cylinder then you need to do a compression test if it a intake valve a vaccume gauge attached to a manifold vaccume port the needle will bounce and wont be smooththe chevys have toomany problems to list but sometime the fuel pressure regulators leak fuel into the intake jsut un plug the hose then start the engine and see if fuel comes out besure no open flames are around and your not smoking and have somthing to put out fire if fuel catches fire the intake gaskets sometimes crack inside the engine if there is a large vaccume when you remove the oil cap it may be leaking there should only be a slight vaccume fromthe breather and pcv you can block both if your not shure and see if it has vaccumeOk all you armchair mechanics: How do I solve this problem?
first do NOT take it to an ase certified tech.they would only diagnois the problem correctly and fix it in a timely manner,where is the FUN in that .when you can waste valuable time on the net reading smart-alec replies like this or waste CHEAP GAS driving around to parts stores for a FREE code scan that tells you NOTHING .remember things are worth what you pay for them ,like free diags and free advice-good luck and thanks for the two pts

P0351 Code on my Jeep Grand Cherokee?

I have a 96 Jeep grand Cherokee... 4.0L 4x2 w/ the same problem w/ 202,000 miles. %26lt;Amen%26gt; and it's been recently that i've been working through this problem for Ignition Coil 1. So far i've changed the Throttle Position Sensor, fuel pump, fuel filter, both Oxygen sensors, the engine wire harness, the PCM, and ignition coil, camshaft position sensor, crankshaft sensor, the rotor, distributor cap, ignition wires and spark plugs. I have totally run out of ideas. I have some of the diagnostic manuals for the GC and tried following the wiring schematics. There is a [B]grey/white[/B] wire that goes from the coil to the PCM, a [B]dark green/orange[/B] wire that goes from the PCM to the ASD relay, according to the schematics, these wires are linked to the Primary Coil1 code. i could see how that could work out w/ just placing a wire directly from the Coil to the PCM, but i've replaced the engine wire harness so i cant imagine how i could have the same problem, pls help!!!P0351 Code on my Jeep Grand Cherokee?
Wow, you've changed a lot of stuff. The coil should have power at all times and a switching signal on the ground. When the ground turns off the coil feild collapses, triggering the spark.

I think its a loose pin on the ecu connector, seen it a few times on chryslers.P0351 Code on my Jeep Grand Cherokee?
does it run ok? let it be or let dealer work on it.P0351 Code on my Jeep Grand Cherokee?
You have done a commendable job in restoring the powertrain control system.

I just checked the ASE site for anything related, and found nothing.

The only thing I could contribute are two---

1) Seriously look at ALL of the grounds.Do a voltage drop test on all of them. The system may be trying to feed a circuit backwards if it can't find its dedicated connection.

2) Try a little retro diagnostics. Even though this vehicle is OBD II compliant, and the protocol is in place and active, the OLD diagnostics are still in most of the Chrysler products as well.

Try cycling the key on, off,on, off, and then on within 5 seconds and watch the MIL. It should still flash out codes, and if it does, refer to the same make, model and engine for a 1995 for diagnostic procedures.

For a clearer discussion of the procedure and description of the codes, Go Here-----%26gt;

And as you are now no doubt aware, diagnose the circuit or system and NOT just the component.

Good LuckP0351 Code on my Jeep Grand Cherokee?
check your catalytic converter

Buick Skylark Crankshaft Position Sensor?

So i have a 1993 Buick Skylark v6 3.3l and i am not getting any spark. so i changed out the ignition control module and the coil packs and am still getting no spark. Which leads me to believe its the CPS so how do i go about replacing the sensor. thanksBuick Skylark Crankshaft Position Sensor?
the crank sensor is down by the crank pulley. get a harmonic puller because you will need it. take the crank pulley off, pull the harmonic balancer off, unplug the sensor. the way i do it is a mark the old 1 before i take it off so i can put the new 1 on the same way. there are 2 bolts that holds it, they need to come out and the sensor will come off. just align the sensor with the mark you made and install the sensor. snug the bolts up, plug the sensor in, put the harmonic balancer back on and make sure it aligns with the fins on the harmonic, put the bolt back in and tighten it, put the pulley back on and the belt.Buick Skylark Crankshaft Position Sensor?
it should be down behind the hermonic ballencer realy easy to see there is like a gear pully behind the ballencer and it is just bolted on the block and counts the gaps there is a wire going to it i could be wrong but thats were it should be

93 Seville 4.9- PO12 engine error?

Ok, here it is... I got a 93 seville 4.9 that keeps dying on me and giving a PO12 error. I know the error is no signal form distributor so , I changed cap , rotor , ignition. She fired right up, Drove her a while ashut her down and an hour later tried to start her and nothing. She turns and turns but wont fire. So I leave her for the night, come back, try her again and she fires up again???? WHY? Then leave her for an hour, and dead agian popping the same PO 12 errror. Now I have, tested the distributor coil, good, the ignition module is what I am down to and i hope that works. My question is this.....I sthe ignition module the same thing as the ignition swith? And....If the module change produces no results, where should I go next. And... How much roughly to rep[lace the ECM??? Thanks!93 Seville 4.9- PO12 engine error?
Your coil may still be bad even if it tests good, Heat may cause it to short or ground internally. Test it again.Test the pickup coil in the distributor the same way, cold and then again hot. If both of these test good then you can go to the module or computer. The module is the oblong black plastic item in the distributor. It has a connector from the pickup coil on one end, and a connector from the distributor harness on the other.93 Seville 4.9- PO12 engine error?
First of all I would stay with AC Delco parts. The ignition module is not the same as the ignition switch. When the car wont start try taping on the ecm with a screwdriver or wrench. It should be in the passenger side kick panel or behind the glove box. You also need either a cam signal or a crank signal to the ecm in order for the ecm to know whats going on so it can send a signal to fire. It most likley is a crank signal it needs and you will have to check that with a scope and volt meter but remeber the crank sensor produces AC voltage Before you go to far check for spark when it wont start just pull a plug wire and shove a screwdriver in the end and lay it close to metal on the engine and see if it jumps if you got spark then check for fuel pressure and easy way is to spray some carb cleaner down its throat to see if she goes then. I have had modules test good on the bench and fail under a heat load so never rule out the new part
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  • Do I need to replace this timing chain on my 2004 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 Engine?

    I was just told that I need a timing chain for my 2004 Chevy Cavalier. I took it to the shop because it started jumping and shutting off when I slowed down or stopped at a light and eventually cut off though it would come back on. It would drive smoothly when I drove at a higher speed. Also, a very loud smell was coming out of the exhaust. I took it to the shop and he put it on the computer and it read rapid misfire so he advised me to replace the ignition coil. I did, but nothing changed afterwards and when I drove it home and tried to crank it up the next morning it wouldn't start. Now the mechanic is saying I need to replace the timing chain. He was wrong about putting the ignition coil on there, I don't know if he's wrong about the timing chain. This is getting pretty expensive. Can anyone give me some advice? If it is the timing chain how much will it cost to repair?Do I need to replace this timing chain on my 2004 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 Engine?
    timing chains on 2.2 engines usually make noise before they go south, and when they do, its a done deal. the engine stops. most times they break, get jammed with broken pieces, and the engine locks up... until repaired. you need a second professional oppinion. the 2.2 has a history of bad timing chains,(the chain tensioner falls apart) does it sound NORMAL when you try to start it? spin too fast, make noise???Do I need to replace this timing chain on my 2004 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 Engine?
    I'd check the owner's manual to see what is says about timing chains. And take the vehicle to a Chevy dealer for a second opinion.Do I need to replace this timing chain on my 2004 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 Engine?
    so your car has a loud smell lol, it sounds like a timing problem all right, I've never heard of a rapid misfire but you may want to take it to auto zone and have them check it to make sure they check the COMPUTER for freeDo I need to replace this timing chain on my 2004 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 Engine?
    Unless you have over 300,000 miles on the vehicle I fail to see how your timing chain would factor in to this issue.

    Air filter clean?

    Plugs good?

    Ignition wires in good shape?

    No trouble codes or check engine light?

    Sounds like a 4 year old car needs a bit of TLC, but a timing chain?

    Start with the basics required for the engine to run smoothly first.Do I need to replace this timing chain on my 2004 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 Engine?
    u might look at the crankshaft position sensor.i have an 01 and it was acting really funky,i was puzzled as hell.i got a code reader and it ended up being the tps,in my mind it was totally unrelated to the problem but i changed it anyway and it ran fine ever since.get a second opinion,if ur check engine light is on,go to auto zone,get a free code scan.i don't think it's the timing chain.

    What do i need? how much would it cost me??

    when i was driving and came to a stop light, my car just completely cut out on me. i tried to start it but it wont. it will crank but it just wouldn't start. i bought a new battery, new sparks plugs, tried a new ignition coil, i did a new oil change, and i also tried using a different starter. The starter works fine because my friend took it off his motor. i passed emitions also. and also i took the car off a friend that was sitting for two years but i did all the stuff to pass emitions.i even checked the fuel pump. nothing was wrong with it. i tried push starting it too. it kinda jumped but it didnt stay on. i even tried jumping. its a 1991 civic hatchback.What do i need? how much would it cost me??
    Did you take one of the spark plug wires and put a spare plug on it and with good gloves and a pair on insulated pliers hold the plug to a ground surface and have someone turn the key for you and see if the spark was jumping? It could be that the coil has not power or the ignition module is bad. also verify that you have fuel pressure not just that the pump runs.

    Either no spark (most likely) or not enough fuel pressure, did you replace the fuel filter?What do i need? how much would it cost me??
    Sounds like the DPFE.What do i need? how much would it cost me??
    assuming you checked your fuel pump correctly and it works, id move to spark next...just because you replaced plugs and coil dont mean its got spark, of course i have no idea how you checked your fuel, so there could be a problem there also, but if your fuel is fine and getting to the combustion chamber fine then its spark, or god forbid timing, timing belt or chain anyoneWhat do i need? how much would it cost me??
    sometimes it is the simplest things and in this case you might want to look at the ground

    the one that goes to the battery the nut in the frame could be loose

    thats the real cheap OMG fix

    other then that throw a tester on it